02.10.22 to 23.03.2023: solo exhibition "I will be there - soon" at Kunstmuseum Ahrenshoop, as part of KUNST HEUTE MV. 4 large-format graphic works (acrylic on wood) in combination with writing on the wall.

10.09. to 13.11.2022: Participation in the group exhibition "von wegen" at the Kunstverein Schwerin. Works by twelve female artists and two female authors from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. I show my installation "Echo-Complex 22".

30.07.2022:video on the wall in public space | at MS ARTVILLE Hamburg, Festival for Urban Arts

06. to 20. June 2022: Participation in the international Art Camp in Gedser DK / with 8 female artists from Germany, Denmark and Latvia. Exhibition "Himmel zwischen Erde" in the Marinestationen Gedser.

28. - 30. April 2022: Minimal Travelling / artist residency at Kunsthalle Below Berlin / Berlin Wedding

April - June 2022: "where are you?" / video installation on two monitors. Shown as part of the exhibition „32. Landesweite Kunstschau MV“ des Künstlerbunds MV e.V. im BBK, Schleswig-Holstein-Haus Schwerin

January/February 2022: A volcano feat. some questions / installation. Shown as part of the exhibitio "members exhibit" at the Kunstverein zu Rostock.

November 2021: The song I know / multimedia environment, together with Thomas Sander. In the KunstRAUM Schwerin in the context of the exhibition series "ECHO - KUNST IM WIDERHALL" by the Kuenstlerbund MV

October 2021: DIFFUSION at the Brink. A video installation in the public space of Rostock. A cooperation with the artists Stephan Deglow, Anna Rose and Christoph Knitter.

September 2021: Purchase of video works by the land of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern for their collection.

11.09.2021: Projections in the windows of the Kunsthaus Neustrelitz, for the Art Night Neustrelitz 2021

August 2021:Painting of three electricity boxes as part of the Hafengalerie31 Rostock. 10 artists redesign 31 power boxes at the city harbor. A project of #meinhafendeinhafen sponsored by the city of Rostock.

July to September 2021: Exhibition at the St.Marien-Church Parchim, video work "who is searching", in the context of the Lupinale, together with Iris vom Stein, Andre van Uehm and Lars Heidemann July to August 2021: Exhibition "LUFT UND LICHT" at the Edvard-Munch-House Warnemünde, two poems and one drawing

June to August 2021: Exhibition "NEUE MITGLIEDER" from the Kuenstlerbund MV, in the Kulturforum of the Schleswig-Holstein-Haus Schwerin

April 2021: Member of the Kuenstlerbund of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (union of artists)

February/March 2021: Project "INNEHALT" with Gudrun Brigitta Nöh and Matthias Spehr, also as part of #ErlebnisWinterRostock. Projections in public space, e.g. at the Rostock train station, in Kröpeliner Straße, at Neuer Markt, at the water tower, at the Volkstheater.

April 2021: permanent studio space in Studio36, Barnstrofer Weg 36 Rostock

February/March 2021: Occupation of the first floor of the Kröpeliner Tor Rostock with art and actions (via shop window). With the collective "besseralsnichts", as part of the #ErlebnisWinterRostock. Among others, presentation of "HELLO TOWER, IT'S SPRING" with Yvonne Middelborg. Short, intuitive performances throughout the gate. Spontaneous arranging and filming of time, space and forms. Transmission for spectators into the front window.

January 2021: Video on the windows of the Peter-Weiss-Haus Rostock, which celebrated its 12th birthday. For passers-by.

December 2020: avoid the real world. Free screening (video on house walls in Rostock, Ottostraße/Barnstorfer Weg). Without announcement and invitation, for random passers-by.

April 2020 - August 2020: Foundation, organization and part of the collective "better than nothing" / besseralsnichts. Temporary interim use and occupation of the former Schreibeck (empty store) at Barnstorfer Weg 33, Rostock, with exhibitions, actions, readings, performances.

2020: Development of the online presence and the online magazine of the "@local.artists.hro". Collection and networking of Rostock artists, make them visible. The third issue of the magazine is currently in production. the magazine is called "KONTERFEI"

2020: free video work "how are you" - "where are you". Showing at the exhibition „Kunst gegen den Stillstand“ at Peter-Weiss-Haus in September 2020

April - August 2020: Foundation and organization of the artists' collective besseralsnichts, to fill an empty store in Rostock with exhibitions, actions and performances. Also active as curator.

2019/2020: free video work "everyday pingpong" or "playing in circles and systems" presented in public space, Hamburg and Rostock

2019: work for theater | video clip for the stage | for the youth play "Gips or How I repaired the world in a single day", directed by Klaus Schumacher, Junges Schauspielhaus Hamburg

2018 - 2019: Video for the dance production "HAMONIM" by the choreographer Patricia Carolin Mai at K3, Center for Choerography | Tanzplan Hamburg, at Kampnagel

2018: work for theater | video for the production "Ankamen. An(ge)kommen." a theatre project by Michael Uhl with refugees and displaced persons at Ohnsorg-Studio Hamburg

2018: work for theater | video clips for the stage | for the children's play "In a cold winter night", directed by Taki Papaconstantinou, Junges Schauspielhaus Hamburg

2016: work for theater | video clips for the stage | for the youth play "In A Lonely Place", directed by Michael Müller, Schauspielhaus Hamburg

2013, 2014: Kunstrasen OpenAir Buchen | video installation "inside" (2013) and "iKonen" (2014)

Juli 2013: Schaustelle Munich | action space of the Pinakothek der Moderne, artist assistant of Claude Heath

2012:Video installation "Luxuria Superbia" at the Providenzkirche Heidelberg on the Long Night of the Museums

2013: video screening on the wall, at peer23 in Mannheim

2008: "amoeba" in Barcelona, Placa de Catalunya

2010, 2012, 2013: experimental video screenings on the Long Night of the Museums Heidelberg

2007 – 2014: Video projections in public space:

2007: video screening on the wall, "amoeba" in Prague, square Malé námestí

2011 – 2014: Part of the collective "breidenbachstudios Heidelberg," creative-cultural project in the old "breidenbacher" gas factory for temporary use of vacant buildings in the city. Own studio, participation in exhibitions. Also active as DJ- and VJ-artist at events.

2006 – 2011: University of Art and Design, Karlsruhe Germany | Subject: Media Art

2001 – 2002: preliminary course for visual arts at the Gestaltungsschule .G in Zurich

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