STEFANIE RUEBENSAAL was born on 30 April 1985 in Zurich, Switzerland.
She is a female artist in the fields of drawing, painting, graphics and video. The main focus is working on abstract digital collages, which she produces by using video and animation techniques. She presents the works as installations.
Stefanie Ruebensaal grew up in Switzerland. From 2004 - 2013 she lived in Heidelberg, Germany, from 2013 - 2019 in Hamburg, since December 2019 she resides and works in Rostock, Germany.

_ CURRENT WORK: - in.these.times? (c)2020 - in.these.times? (c)2020

"These new works refer to my condition in the present situation of isolation. To stay in touch I ask myself and all the others: how are you? where are you?"


2001 – 2002:
preliminary course for visual arts at the Gestaltungsschule .G in Zurich

2006 – 2011: University of Art and Design, Karlsruhe Germany | Subject: Media Art

2011 – 2014: Part of the collective "breidenbachstudios Heidelberg," creative-cultural project in the old "breidenbacher" gas factory for temporary use of vacant buildings in the city. Own studio, participation in exhibitions. Also active as DJ- and VJ-artist at events.

2007 – 2014: Video projections in public space:
2007: video screening on the wall, "amoeba" in Prague, square Malé námestí
2008: "amoeba" in Barcelona, Placa de Catalunya
2010, 2012, 2013: experimental video screenings on the Long Night of the Museums Heidelberg
2013: video screening on the wall, at peer23 in Mannheim

2012:Video installation "Luxuria Superbia" at the Providenzkirche Heidelberg on the Long Night of the Museums

Juli 2013: Schaustelle Munich | action space of the Pinakothek der Moderne, artist assistant of Claude Heath

2013, 2014: Kunstrasen OpenAir Buchen | video installation "inside" (2013) and "iKonen" (2014)

2016: work for theater | video clips for the stage | for the youth play "In A Lonely Place", directed by Michael Müller, Schauspielhaus Hamburg

2018: work for theater | video clips for the stage | for the children's play "In a cold winter night", directed by Taki Papaconstantinou, Junges Schauspielhaus Hamburg

2018: wor for theater | video for the production "Ankamen. An(ge)kommen." a theatre project by Michael Uhl with refugees and displaced persons at Ohnsorg-Studio Hamburg

2018 - 2019: Video for the dance production "HAMONIM" by the choreographer Patricia Carolin Mai at K3, Center for Choerography | Tanzplan Hamburg, at Kampnagel

2019: wor for theater | video clip for the stage | for the youth play "Gips or How I repaired the world in a single day", directed by Klaus Schumacher, Junges Schauspielhaus Hamburg

2019/2020: free video work "everyday pingpong" or "playing in circles and systems" presented in public space, Hamburg and Rostock

2020: free video work "how are you" - "where are you", Rostock. (only online at the moment).

2020: Studio space at Studio36 Rostock.

2020: Development of the online presence and the online magazine of the "@local.artists.hro". Collection and networking of Rostock artists, make them visible.


me.magritte. - quo.vadis. (c)2020


everyday pingpong. - or - part I. (c)2019

everyday pingpong. - or - part II. (c)2020

"In these days it is time to pause. Are we able to get out of our daily routines and social structures? Every day we play and go in circles, determined by fixed systems. Now we have the opportunity to rethink and change. Wake yourself up."

two.maneki.neko. - in.fear. (c)2019






Teaser for "Über alles hinaus", drama play by Flagrant Hamburg. (c)2016

"Über alles hinaus" is based on Ionesco's 1957 play "Rhinos".

inside. (c)2011

The dividing face reveals its abstract content behind it. Images of the spirit and the soul. Or projections of the brain? A video collage as a poem with autobiographical quotations. (as room installation).

iKonen. (c)2013

mixed. (als Rauminstallation)

amoeba. (c)2008 - at Placa de Catalunya, Barcelona

amoeba. (c)2007 - at Malé Námestí, Prag

The movement of the mechanical being reminds of a billowing unicellular organism. "amoeba" conquers facades and house walls unannounced and oversized.

when I was a painter. unknown & mind x (c) 2009

The recordings of the theater plays are available on request:  SR@RUEBENSAAL.ORG

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