stefanie rübensaal _ 30.04.85 *zürich

_ in hamburg & rostock, germany
_ female artist
  drawing, graphics, video & animation

_ exhibitions

_ works for theatre (f.e. junges
  schauspielhaus hamburg), dance-
  productions/performances (f.e. K3 at

_ art teacher for kids & teens
  (schools, cultural clubs, museums, f.e.
  museum für kunst und gewerbe hamburg,
  medienwerkstatt rostock, "kultur.land.
  schule" in mecklenburg-vorpommern

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>>contact: sr@ruebensaal.org   >>Text?instagram.com/s.ruebensaal


  participation at "MILLERNTORGALLERY #10", hamburg, st.pauli,
  i will show my video installation "it starts with you".
  09.-12.07.2020 (maybe...we don´t know yet (corona))

until now (a selection):

playing _ in _ circles _ and _ systems (c) 2020 _ short cut

im winter - mal so mal so // 9 kurze gedichte und kritzeleien. exhibition @café waldenberger in rostock. 06.02. - 29.02.2020

everyday _ ping pong (c) 2019 _ short cut

two maneki neko _ in fear (c) 2019 _ short cut

0:00 / 1:00

(c) 2019 _ small version

mini _ show:
animation: theatre play "gips oder wie ich an einem einzigen tag die welt reparierte"

director: klaus schumacher, junges schauspielhaus hamburg, 2019

ask me for the whole recording of the play: sr@ruebensaal.org

mini _ show:
animation: theatre play "in einer kalten winternacht"

director: taki papaconstantinou, junges schauspielhaus hamburg, 2018

ask me for the whole recording of the play: sr@ruebensaal.org

from the archive _ inside _ berge (c) 2012

contact: sr@ruebensaal.org  >>Text?instagram.com/s.ruebensaal